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he following is a list of current services provided by Samantha Hamilton. Prices for each service, and indeed, combination of services, can change depending on certain circumstances, therefore, it is important that prices are confirmed before booking.

Psychic Life Path Readings

AngelAll the readings below can be done in person and live over the phone.

Taster Reading


Silver Reading (Written Report)
Face Reading (done by photo or in person)

Face reading is the characteristics that can be revealed about a person. Every face tells a story, this can help us to recognise and understand and asses very quickly the motivation the will and the soul and spiritual aspects of the person. Face reading originated in the Far East thousands of years ago. The true personality hides behind the face. We are always reading people's faces as soon as we meet someone; subconsciously we make a characteristic judgment based on facial appearance. For example does the person look friendly or unapproachable, are they sincere or dishonest? Face reading goes as far back as 5,000 years ago.


Gold Reading
Astrology, Reiki (with Reiki healing) - 45 mins
(In-depth trends into your life style, your aims and ambitions)

This reading gives you an opportunity for you to really understand the depths and qualities of your own unique personality. By using positive affirmations and Reiki symbols that can help to attune your well being.


Platinum Reading - 1 hour 15 mins
Discounts available for Quintessentially members.

Tarot, crystal ball, birth chart, numerology, life coaching.


Other prices

Phone for current price as special offers are often given for existing clients.

  • Samantha Hamilton's Horoscope predictions with Tarot (includes written report and live reading in person or over the phone)
  • Personalised birth charts (written report)
  • The Love Chart - Is he/she your soul mate? (written report)
  • Crystal horoscope personalized readings (written report)
  • Baby and Child Horoscope (written report)
  • Daily Horoscope and Psychic Reading combined (written report)
  • Chinese horoscope
  • Mandala and reading
  • In-depth Feng Shui Report (on cd)

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